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10 Nov 2015
Sophie Toohey

Top Tips on How to Pack Light

We have been looking forward to this break for a while and we don’t want nuffink weighing us down. So we did some brainstorming and have come up with tips on how this trip is going to be clothed carry-on style.

The Bags

  • The biggest roll-on you can get within airline rules (56cm x 36cm x 23cm)
  • Backpack or cross over bag, this can double up as your day-bag

What to wear on the plane

  • Bulkiest pieces and shoes
  • Layer up in natural fabrics, nothing synthetic

What to pack

  • Colour coordinated pieces. Everything has to match colour-wise – no red herrings, unless of course you are only going to wear red. Keep your colour palette consistent, you want to be able to mix and match everything.
  • Pack outfits for five days, then you have to recycle
  • Sarong/Shawl
  • Shoes: sneakers (wear on the plane), flat walking shoes, one pair of fun but comfy(ish) shoes
  • Concentrated laundry liquid (you’ll be doing a bit of washing…)
  • Electrical adapter
  • Take your own headache pills
  • Photo copies of passport and credit card
  • Take all your passwords for any social media if you are getting a new SIM card

8 Pieces 18 ways!Depending on where you are going you need outfits for:

  • Walking the streets, exploring
  • Hitting the shops and going to lunch
  • Dressing up to go to dinner………dancing!
  • Relaxing by the pool, beach, park
  • Lounging in your room (this is basically your PJs)
  • Running or exercise…come on!

What not to pack

  • Buy basic toiletries at the destination, I have only just thrown out a cotton bud cylinder packet from a 2015 trip to Spain….sounds weird but has given me happy memories every time I refilled it and saw it in the cabinet
  • Download guide books onto your phone
  • Your hat…..they don’t travel well, unless its a crushable one
  • Precious jewellery. Find something fun over there and wear it!

How to pack

  • Lay everything on your bed then edit (challenge yourself to take pieces out- will you really wear it?)
  • Roll your good pieces in tissue paper to reduce the amount of crushing, disposable shower caps also make for a good coverup of your shoes
  • Take a leaf out of Marie Condo’s book and pack vertically….your own draw!
  • Stick socks and underwear in your shoes
  • Separation is good, use ziplock bags to organise your departments “technology”, “toiletries”, “jewellery

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Got any tips of your own? We’d love to hear about them!



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