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03 Nov 2016
Sophie Toohey

How to Roll Your Cuff – Cuff Rolling 101

If you’ve been into the Good Day Girl salon, then you will know we love to roll. Roll anything – shirt cuffs, t-shirt sleeves, jacket sleeves all types of pants, especially the Happy Pants….or this seasons Phi Phi Pants. We actually can’t get enough of rolling. Nothing makes us happier than when we convert non-rollers to rollers… know who you are….xo

The Shirt is one of those pieces that demands good roll. We show this roll in the salon, but thought to create some cheat notes for further study of this essential styling trick. A big thank you to all those who have rolled before – word on the street is that Emmanuelle Alt created this one with J.Crew hot on the tails (see fun vid with Jenna Lyons and Leandra Medine aka Manrepeller put out a very nifty video). Here is our take. Enjoy and get rolling! Good_Day_Girl_How_To_Roll_Cuff_Shirt_1

Good_Day_Girl_How_To_Roll_Cuff_Shirt_2 Good_Day_Girl_How_To_Roll_Cuff_Shirt_3 Good_Day_Girl_How_To_Roll_Cuff_Shirt_4 Good_Day_Girl_How_To_Roll_Cuff_Shirt_5 Good_Day_Girl_How_To_Roll_Cuff_Shirt_6





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