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08 Dec 2015
Sophie Toohey

Good Travel, Good Times: Cartagena

“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.” Mae West obviously sojourned to Cartagena.

It’s also probably a good thing that it’s a decent journey from Australia as it may just become a personal paradise for lovers of fun, good food, salsa, rum, colourful history and culture  - which would count quite a few people……..and we don’t want to ruin paradise.

That said, put Cartagena on your hit list – it’s well worth it, and here are some spots to get into the swing of it.


Hotel Santa Clara: awesome, worth every peso and the gorgeous doorman wear the most fabulous “top” hats woven from straw…

Movich Hotel: had a drink on the rooftop bar here….sweet views, tasty gins plus the foyer had the most bulbous yellow hydrangeas.

Tcherassi Hotel & Spa: started by Colombian born, Miami based fashion designer, Silvia Tcherassi…boutique + chic.

Good Day Girl Cartagena Travel 1EAT

La Cevicheria: yum, yum yum – fresh, tantalized the tastebuds and generous to a C.

Restaurant Quebracho: old school Argentinian steak house cooked on an inside grill for caramelised deliciousness, hello Chimichurri (slurpable) and for those inclined, suckling pig is da goods. Dessert also de-lish….spot hitting.

Demente: tapas bar in Getsemani

Club de Pesca: seafood bonanza with a lovely outlook. Sitting on a fortress and overlooking the harbour. Try and be seated on the tables right on the water.

Abacos Lobros y Cafe: stumbled across this bookly bliss, couldn’t read one page but was fab sitting amongst it and sampling the cafe – ole!

Fruit stands: get it fresh on the street: papaya yuuuuuuuum.

Good Day Girl Cartagena foodPLAY

Crazy Salsa: first of all, set yourself up with a lesson or two at this dance studio – super lovely, approachable and kind/empathetic teachers who appreciate that some of us don’t have it in our blood….although willing to give it a red hot go….!

Cafe del Mar: sunset drinks on the wall that surrounds the town….a massive Colombian flag flies high and proud…..great spot….especially when it rains and you can dance in it….

Cafe Havana: favourite bar to be sure – great step back in time with amazing salsa band and rum by the bottle…an institution to love.

La Movida: we were taken here for late night clubbing…..hmm, nuff said…

Bar Elcoro: at the Santa Clara, lovely and large relaxed lounge space….cocktails hand squeezed, grated and mixed.

Good Day Girl Cartagena night lifeSEE

Walk, walk, walk – take to the streets, the architecture and the brightly painted buildings with bougainvillea dripping from the carved balconies is superb eye candy. Plus, many buildings have big doors that open to inner courtyards – keep your eyes out for the inside beauty. Also go for a wander around Getsemani, it’s full of a more raw character, awesome street art and people watching.

Ok, so admittedly I wasn’t the greatest of sight see-ers…..but here are some spots:

Good Day Girl Cartagena Colourful houses

Good Day Girl Getsemani


There are loads of people selling their wares on the street – anything from Panama Hats, brightly woven bags, handmade jewellery and Colombian football jerseys. Here are some spots to find some beautiful local designers and design:

St.Dom: on the day when the heavens opened and it poured and poured, we got marooned in this heart-beating boutique. Specialising in Colombian design: fashion, accessories, homewares: it’s well worth the visit. My finger is now sporting a hot-to-trot ring – NOICE!

Onda de mar: great swim wear, the prints are gorgeous, lots of colour and a fab de-lusted gold matieral plus there is beading action which takes it all up a notch.

Silvia Tcherassi: innovative local designer, now based in Miami…. fell in love with a piece that actually reminded me of the sails of the opera house…me gusta!

Loto del Sur: organic skin and body products, walked away with Limonada de Coco Miraculous Balm…..good enough to eat…well…

Good Day Girl Cartagena Shopping

Thank you Matt and Camila for the wonderful, wonder-filled times. Loved it all!



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