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30 Oct 2014
Sophie Toohey

Good Tip: Getting Sunscreen or Rust marks out of your Crisp White Shirt


Good Day Girl sunscreen out of white shirt 1

Ok girls, first things first when you can see that sunscreen has invaded your whites. DO NOT SOAK IN BLEACH OR NAPISAN! Apologies for the bold and caps, but it is crucial that you do not blend the sunscreen with any bleach/whiteners…..they don’t like each other and only makes the iron elements in the suncreen go even yellower…..

So now that it is cleared up. Here is a step by step on how to get rid of the sunscreen from your white cotton shirt.

You’ll need

  1. Your white shirt with sunscreen marks
  2. Regular kitchen salt…nothing fancy pants here
  3. Two lemons
  4. An old towel
  5. Sun (can only work the magic on a sunny day)

Good Day Girl sunscreen out of white shirt 2

Action Jackson

  • Turn your shirt inside out and lay it on an old towel with the yellowed areas facing up
  • Grab the salt and sprinkle it heavily onto the areas of “yellow”
  • Squeeze the juice of a half a lemon over the salted areas
  • Gently, gently rub in the lemon/salt combo
  • Repeat the salt and lemon squeeze action
  • Leave to sit in direct sunlight for a day – leave the mixture on the shirt overnight, so 24 hours in total
  • When dry, shake off the salt in the sink
  • Pop it into the machine on a gentle wash in a light washing liquid (no bleaches etc)
  • Hang to dry in the sun, iron as usual and your shirt will be back to it’s sparkling white!

Good Day Girl sunscreen out of white shirt 3

Good Day Girl sunscreen out of white shirt 4




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