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30 Oct 2014
Sophie Toohey

Good Making: Summer in Production

Firstly, let us start with how awesome it is that our makers love food as much as we do. On arrival this week there was a box of artichokes fresh from the markets sitting next to a machine that was about to go out for some attention. And who doesn’t love Sriracha chilli sauce  - plus look at the price on it…….that’s a good deal….got to ask where it’s from!

Good Day Girl manufacturing 1

Meet Blue Streak – this is your lightening sharp cutting machine……able to cut through layers of fabric with precision ease.

Good Day Girl manufacturing 2


After cutting, your pieces are then bundled together with the cutting sheet on top telling the maker the size and style number.

Good Day Girl manufacturing 4

Hand fusing is super important. making sure the fusing sits perfectly on the fabric before it goes into the fusing “oven”…..

Good Day Girl manufacturing 8Button machines and threads in lots of different reds are there to create the perfect shade combo.

Good Day Girl manufacturing 6Sewing time, it’s all done by the hands of the experts……and how awesome is this nail colour… the way!

Good Day Girl manufacturing 3Checking the finished product is essential, it’s checked once at the factory and then again when it comes back to the salon….

Good Day Girl manufacturing 5And all this is done in Sydney, Australia – go LOCAL!



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