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30 Oct 2014
Sophie Toohey

Good Find: Nadine Ingram’s Italian Christmas Cake

We are big lovers of everything that comes out of Nadine’s kitchen at Flour + Stone, you can taste the care and the love in each bite. So with Christmas coming up, we were thrilled to hear that an Italian Christmas Cake is on the menu.

Nadine tells us her inspiration for her recipe comes from the famous Rose Gray who is sadly no longer with us but owned the River Cafe in London. Rose grew up in England but her mother was Italian and stated that the more years her mother spent in England the more Italian her Christmas cake became. Each year she would change the ingredients as she felt her mood took her….

“The first year I made the recipe, I wasn’t happy with it. The melted chocolate through it seemed to dry it out and made the cake quite crumbly. I had a Eureka moment one day when I decided to use the same method for my Hazelnut Torte where I add the chocolate ground (not melted),” said Nadine.

“This means the chocolate melts as the cake bakes and results in a moist crumb. The chocolate melds into the fruit and rum and the aroma is insane. I have actually changed the recipe quite dramatically but I think Rose’s mother would approve.”

To tantalize your taste buds imagine the slow baking combination of butter, candied orange peel, dark rum, roasted hazelnuts, almonds, caster sugar, plain flour, free range eggs, lemons, honey, apricot jam, raisins, dark chocolate, sour cherries……

These puppies are only available once a year and if you get in super quick you can pre-order your cakes before the end of October and receive 10% off. They will be priced at $70 from the 1st of November.

To order or for more information call, call, call!!!

Flour and Stone: 53 Riley St, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011 T: (02) 8068 8818

And look how it comes presented - all wrapped up with a gorgeous card - WE LOVE!!!!!!

And look how it comes presented – all wrapped up with a gorgeous card – WE LOVE!!!!!!

Nadines cake

YUM YUM YUM xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Good Day Girl Loves You!!!


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