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03 Aug 2016
Sophie Toohey

Five Fun Fashion Facts

Love a bit of trivia? Wrap your laughing gear around these fashion bites that we threw into our Summer Fashion Show on the weekend…….A very big thank you to Charlotte Smith of The Darnell Collection for sharing her immense knowledge with us!



1. Why do men’s jackets have buttons on the sleeves? Napoleon didn’t like watching his soldiers wiping their noses on their uniform sleeves. So he introduced large, metal buttons to jacket sleeves – presto! No more wiping and a look created.

2. In the 15th Century it was fashionable to be pregnant. If you weren’t? Just throw a pillow up your dress and fake it till you make it!

3. During World War II nylon was being used to make parachutes, which lead to a pantyhose shortage. To combat this, women painted their legs with a concoction that included instant gravy powder and when dry, drew a line down the back of their legs to recreate the look of stockings.

4. Around 1915 a young woman named Mabel Williams singed her eyelashes – quelle horreur! The lash-loving inventor mixed black ash with Vaseline and applied it to her lashes with a makeshift brush – instantly they looked thicker and blacker. In 1916 her savvy brothers marketed this new beauty product and called it Maybelline.

5. Sugar was a luxury in early Tudor England and Queen Elizabeth I had a very sweet tooth (….but wasn’t great at dental hygiene.) Her teeth, as reported, were black with decay and she was difficult to understand. Hello fashion trend! Women in England at the time blackened their teeth to prove that they had enough money to buy sugar.



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