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21 Jul 2016
Sophie Toohey

Colours of the Season

Our made to order summer collection started with a foundation of whites – we couldn’t say no to so many stunning types of woven white fabrics. To add colour we turned to a variety of green, blue and pinks for some fun. Topping it off with summer black – just to shade things down a little. Here are our colour mood boards with snippets of the new shirts, tops, pants, dresses, jackets – all to be revealed in full next week! xoxoxo


We have eight different whites on the menu this season – from cool, crisp cottons to the most stunning jacquard weave on a soft white voile. They are all varying degrees of bright white and guarantee a freshness to your warm weather looks.

Good_Day_Girl_Loves_ WhiteGREEN

Getting the “right green” can be as hard as using Gladwrap. HARD! But this season the green gods were talking to us…or maybe yelling at us. We found three greens that we loved and could not say no to. A fresh grass/emerald green that works in our shirt and shirtdress, a deeper bottle green mixed with white and then an olive/khaki that works so well with a faded out black in the print. Leprechauns will be stoked.



When we found the blue spotty/animale jersey in our bundle of fabric goodness from Japan we let out a collective cool sigh. It’s just such a gorgeous blue – it’s light but deep at the the same time. With a stroke of good fortune, the shirting fabric we LOVE also offered the most amazing deep sky blue as well, that mixed in with our classic stripe jersey and blended with indigo from Japan – happy days.




From a soft dusty pink and white stripe to an embroidered coral that pops – we invited this pretty hue to the summer party line up to work back with our whites and blues. After a winter of strong colours, it’s good to lighten the load.



Our eyes were immediately drawn to the dynamic black and white print – we love a good jungle motif and this cotton/linen has a solid handle that will soften over wear. We also fell head over heels for a black fabric – wait for it – seer sucker. No pre-judgements please, this stuff is awesome! Light on the bod, is cool and is very hard to crush – the perfect traveller. We’ve worked it into a fab shirt dress and skirt, a must try.









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