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10 Nov 2015
Sophie Toohey

Blinded by the White: it’s time to reveal the legs.

Sitting on a beach in your togs, a woman and a man come up and say “Wow, your skin is so white, I have never seen skin that white before, we had to have a closer look”. No? Well it happened to me.

Blessed with translucent skin that really brings out the inner veins…not complaining…happy they work…perfect for Halloween. While not aspiring to be George Hamilton, a slight shade darker would surely be enough to ward off any gawkers….

Beautician and skin wonder worker, Maya Bilalis of Woollahra salon Maya & John knows skin. She has given us some tips on prepping your winter legs for the summer reveal.

Maya and John Maya Bialis

“After long hibernation and minimum care for our dried out skin during winter… My first recommendation is a thorough exfoliation. (am going to repeat, cap, bold and exclamation it – EXFOLIATION!)

And I say thorough because most people just give it a quick second with mitts and soap and that’s just not enough. I suggest a great scrub on dry or slightly wet skin to get the best effect. Use your scrub on different areas and then go back and do it again while adding a little water. Then hop in the shower and wash away all those dead skin cells.

I would recommend repeating that twice a week and follow that ritual with a body moisturizer. Only then you can cover up with some self-tanning cream. You’ll find that you get a better application, less patchy or streaky and most of self-tanners are available in a cream/moisturizer form so it’s easy to build up a nice colour.”

Maya + John offer a body exfoliation and a tan application. Using a natural tanning mousse that looks completely natural, dries instantly and gives you a beautiful summer glow. For professional love, get in contact with Maya here.

We did a cruise around and found some scrubs and self tanning and tinted moisturisers that are readily available and work wonders as the first step to summer legs. Here you go!

Good Day Girl Scrub IdeasThe Body Shop Dry Skin Cactus Brush, $19.95 available online and in-store at The Body Shop

Caim & Able Magnesium Body Scrub, Coconut and Lime, $19.95 available online at Nourished Life

Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub, $37 available online and in-store at Aesop

Good Day GIrl Body Paints

The Sally Hansen and Prtty Peaushun are fab for immediate coverage to even out the skin tone.

Sally Hansen Airbush Leg Tinted Water resistant cream available here

Vita Liberata Autobronzable, $27.99 available here

Prtty Peashun, Skin Tight Body Lotion $39.95 available online at Nourished Life

Fake tan moisturisers


Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturiser, $10.99 available online here

Dove Summer Glow, $7.49 available online here

Have you got any sure-fire products to recommend?







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